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Get the finest Aruba Wedding Photographers to shoot your wedding day in Aruba right here. Thank you for visiting my page on Aruba and my website in regard to your wedding day on the Island of Aruba. Click on the above photo to enter the main website.

I offer superb bridal photography in Aruba and a very fair price and the finest customer service in Aruba. I am based out of Southern California and also Miami, Florida. I travel from Miami to Aruba to meet up with you the day before the wedding as I have done so many times. I also meet up with you the night before the wedding at your hotel and I also may shoot your rehearsal dinners, pre-day wedding photo’s, sunset cruises, snorkeling trips, family portraits, or any other outing you have planned, as needed. I have photographed over 30 weddings in Aruba and know my favorite Island quite well. All of the best locations available on Aruba, are my little secret, and I definitely know how to get the shots my clients desire. Every wedding I ever photographed on The Island of Aruba, were for brides from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island. Being that’s where I am from, these brides feel real comfortable having me meet them in Aruba and photograph their destination wedding. You may reach me anytime in Miami or California via my direct line at 760-289-0997, and we may speak about your wedding photography in Aruba. Frank Panaro Photography is one of the premier Aruba wedding photographers for Aruba and all of The Caribbean.

Aruba is quite a beautiful little Island with an average climate of about 82 degrees year round, and its strong tradewinds which cools down the Island a bit. Rarely rains in Aruba as its desert type climate surrounded by a gorgeous transparent light blue sea. So need to worry about rain on your wedding day in Aruba. The month of August will be the chance of rain if any. The main area is Palm Beach where the majority of large hotels and tourist are, and all the restaurants and shops. The newest mall opened 3 years ago, so plenty of shopping in Palm Beach. The locals are real friendly, great nightlife and dining, and plenty of casinos. Here are a list and links of a few hotels on Aruba. You have Hyatt, The RIU Resort, The Occidental Grand, The Divi Resort, The new Ritz Carlton, The Marriot Aruba Resort, The Renaissance Aruba Resort, The Radisson Resort and Spa, and so many more. Aruba offer so many things to do such as visiting Arikok National Park, The BuBali Bird Sanctuary, The California Lighthouse, The ancient caves, The Natural Bridge, Renaissance Island, and many more destinations. There is plenty to do in Aruba.

If you just like lying on the beach, or going on day trips, Aruba has it all. Aruba is located just 15 miles off the north coast of Venezuela.The Island is 19.6 miles long and 6 miles wide. A total of 70 square miles. So were talking a nice tiny Island, but so beautiful. The capital city of Oranjestad is also the main port of the Island, where all the cruise ships enter with thousands of visitors weekly. It is generally quite busy in this area always. Lots of great outdoor shops, places to eat foods of all types, lots of jewelery stores, outdoor malls, and so much more. Aruba is also known for their Divi Divi trees which are a trademark of the Island. Aruba is one of the safest and friendliest Islands I have ever visited, and it’s a family Island, and a beautiful location for a destination wedding. For more information about Aruba, please visit their website at aruba-vacations. Now that you selected your Destination of Aruba, let’s get you the perfect Aruba wedding photographer.

My photographs are sometimes planned prior, but I have the ability to create and see great images before I even take them as I am photographing you. That’s why I love shooting destination weddings, as I get to be as creative as possible, and go above and beyond all my brides expectations. That’s my reward by far. So if your looking for the finest available photography coverage on your wedding day by a master bridal photojournalist, let’s talk about me shooting your destination wedding in Aruba. I have many of my favorite spots to shoot on Aruba, but it’s my style of shooting that is what’s most important. I may also answer any questions you may have about Aruba, or planning your wedding day, as I have lots of associates in Aruba that I work with also. I actually met my wife on this lovely Island and have been married now 10 years. There is a piece of Aruba in my heart always!!

Frank is an international destination wedding photographer, experienced with all aspects of creating stunning wedding images.

Frank Panaro has made a name for himself as the most sought-after destination wedding photographers in the Caribbean out of Miami.

Take a look at his beautiful gallery .Go to Galleries, then click on Destination Weddings and view all the weddings I have photographed destination weddings in Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Antigua, St Kitts and Nevis, Turks and Caicos, St. Maarten, Tobago, Martinique, and other Islands.

Frank offers exceptional modern and fine art wedding photography in Aruba, at an affordable price, and is definitely one of the most talented wedding photographers in Aruba, and you may enter my original website here at: on the above photo also.

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