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Welcome to Frank Panaro Photography and La Jolla Beach Wedding and Event Photographers where we specialize in local and Destination Weddings and Events here in California, and throughout Mexico, The Hawaiian Islands, and the entire South Pacific. Having over 20 years of experience, shooting weddings and events locally and abroad, he is defined for his creative ability to make every picture he takes into a work of art. Being that he is highly sought after for his expertise in wedding photography photojournalism and destination wedding photography, Frank has a good following of clients, and stays a step ahead of his competitors with great prices and gorgeous wedding day photographs. Always captures each candid moment of the wedding day just right. His candid photographs are spectacular, and he is a true master with these type photos. Comes natural to Frank as he also known as the master of candid photography by many of his associates and past clients. He will also direct beautiful posed pictures as well, that appear very natural, and also a lot of lifestyle images of the bride and groom and bridal party

Your wedding day, defined perfectly by Frank Panaro, and what we can offer you on your wedding day.

On your wedding day, there is so much going on. I arrive at the brides room in general 45 minutes prior to start time. I spend about 90 minutes to 2 hours in the brides room doing my part in getting all those very important images that are taken of bride getting ready, and all else that happens. There is so much to do during this period that must be done to perfection so selecting an experienced photographer, like myself, your getting the best photographer that knows exactly what needs to be done, and how to get it done properly. Your photographer must be skilled and experienced with all aspects of creating stunning images that meet your needs. Frank will strive for perfection to make sure you get the pictures you want of your wedding day, and shoots in a journalistic manner that is very candid and unobtrusive. Basically I will do whatever is needed to get the shots. I use different angles with my camera, great use of natural light, and spectacular use of artificial light as needed. I shoot a lot of Black and white images. During the ceremony, I am documenting this event in a very photojournalistic manner. I go above and beyond in doing the best I can to make my photographs different then my competitor. When it comes to taking the formal and lifestyle photographs of the bride and groom alone after the ceremony, I am very meticulous in how the photos are taken, and to get the best possible images that we may create in that 45 minute period allowed. Short period of time to do my magic, but I always get it done with no excuses. I am the hardest working photographer out there as you will see. You will be like, this guy knows what he is doing, and does it well.

My opinion on shooting weddings is to document the day in an unobtrusive manner when needed, get all the photos in the brides room getting ready, all the beauty shots of the bride and fine art images. Great family portraits, and lovely candids of all the guests at the wedding. Amazing photographs of the bridal party and of course the bride and groom alone, no matter where the wedding is, California, Hawaii, Aruba or Bora Bora, I always get my shots. This is what you are getting from Frank Panaro Photography, the best wedding photographer in La Jolla Beach, California. So now its time to pick up your phone, and give Frank a call directly at 760-289-0997 to speak with him about photographing your wedding day, or go to his website at

Frank Panaro Photography is located La Quinta, California. He shoots local weddings, destination weddings, actors headshots, modeling photos, lifestyle photographs, products, corporate parties and events, and stock photography. All stock photos are also sold as wall art for private use, home decor, office decor, and resorts. It’s best to contact him directly in regard to all wall art images. You may learn more about Frank by visiting his Biography Page. To view more amazing wedding images, visit his gallery and see the style of his work. Go to his Blog and view some nice photography.

A bit of information on beautiful La Jolla Beach, California

La Jolla Beach is simply known as The Jewel by the Sea and this is so true for many reasons. With a beautiful dramatic coastline, with some of the most incredible views, it is one of the most popular beaches visited in Southern California. La Jolla Beach definitely has a very Mediterranean feel to it with its little shops and village. La Jolla offers many accommodations available for all budgets. From five star resorts, to your basic hotels, you can find it all here. Offering fine dining, museums, many art galleries and tourist shops, and so much more to do here. There are many boutiques and Art Shops along Prospect Ave. The beach is the main reason why people visit here as the summer water temperatures are in the 70’s, its white sand beaches, The surf is not rough here and much calmer then up north. Great for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sunbathing at The La Jolla Shores Beach, Windansea, and The Cove. So whatever brings you to the famous La Jolla Beach, California, there is something for everybody to do here, no matter what you like to do. And for a location for a wedding, you cannot go wrong. This is the place by far as it’s gorgeous and those sunsets here are so amazing, especially with clouds. This is a great location for a photographer shooting a wedding. Absolutely gorgeous !!

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