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Now that you have selected the location of your choice for your destination wedding, it’s time to get your photographer which is just as important as the location, because those final images that you will receive after your wedding day, will be your preserved memories of your wedding day. Frank Panaro is a destination wedding photographer, who has been shooting weddings throughout The Caribbean, Mexico, Florida and California for over 12 years now. You may enter his website by clicking on the above photo or here at HomePage.

Your photographer must photograph the whole story of the day, and also has to create and to capture those special moments while photographing any wedding. The demand for this type of documentary photography among brides, is quite high, as this is what is needed to truly shoot a wedding properly, especially a destination wedding in Maui, or anywhere else. Your getting the finest destination wedding photography in Maui available at a fair investment. Many packages to select from for all  budgets and size weddings.

Let’s talk about Maui for a bit now. Maui is one of the most sought after destinations on the planet. With over 2 1/2 million visitors in 2014, Maui is known as that special place. Maui is a perfect location for any destination wedding by far. Anywhere in Maui is gorgeous, from Lahaina, Wailuko, Makena, Kapalua or any other town here, you have selected a tranquil beautiful location. The climate in Maui is spectacular with plenty of rain which makes Maui so green, and those sunny days are plentiful here for sure. The crystal clear blue waters, with their warm temperatures all year round are so perfect for all your guests at your wedding. Activities are plentiful on this paradise Island such as biking up the volcano, horseback tours on the beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, sportfishing, rafting on the rivers, kayaking, helicopter and airplane tours and much more. I have to say Maui offers the most activities I have ever seen anywhere in the world. The Maui nightlife scene is hot by far. Plenty to do at all times. Dancing the night away is not a problem here on Maui. With over 34 beaches on Maui, you will have plenty to select from, and I personally do know some of the best locations to shoot in Maui. I have always a car with me so we may leave your hotel as needed to create some gorgeous images. All the beaches in Maui are spectacular. Some are full of tourists and some are for the locals because of where they are located. I love them all, and for wedding photography, you cannot find a better location. I could write pages on Maui, and its beauty, but we already all know how beautiful
Maui truly is, especially for your wedding day and honeymoon. Visit their official website at:

Frank Panaro is an international destination wedding photographer based out of Southern California, and experienced with all aspects of capturing and creating stunning wedding images properly. His photos are very lifestyle and natural, and of course some will have to be posed, but the majority of the day is captured in a candid manner. Frank Panaro has made a name for himself as the most sought after wedding photographers in the Caribbean, California and Hawaii.

Take a look at my beautiful gallery . Go to Galleries, then click on Destination Weddings and view all the weddings I have photographed in Aruba, Antigua, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, St. Maarten, Martinique, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Curacao, The Bahamas, and other Islands. I basically will meet you at any location in Hawaii, and shoot exactly what you are looking for. I work directly with all my brides, and communicate her exact needs when it comes to her wedding day. The bottom line is that I give you exactly what you are looking for, based upon our conversations. Every bride is a bit different when it comes to wedding photography, so I listen to what the bride and groom want real good, and deliver exactly those images to them.

We offer fine art wedding photography in Hawaii and Maui, at an affordable price, and we are definitely one of the most talented and creative wedding photographers shooting beach weddings. My energy and creativity come thru in your wedding day photographs. My photographic vision as an artist, and the ability to use this vision to create stunning photographs is amazing, and comes natural. Frank guarantees his work, and has never had an unhappy client. Always gets the shots needed. The majority of any wedding is based around photojournalism. Documenting the days events. These photographs capture all the emotion of the day through the use of natural light, composition, and the decisive moment the picture is taken. Through this style he also photographs the subtle details and events of the day in a non obtrusive way. In all of Frank’s photos you will see and feel the true emotion of the wedding day, captured by a true master photojournalist.

To learn more about Frank start in the photography business visit his Biography Page.

These are my 2 main websites:

My Facebook page is at Frank Panaro Photography and Aruba Wedding Photographers If you want beautiful photojournalistic, fine art and natural and candid wedding photography in Hawaii, then give Frank a call to discuss your wedding further at 760-289-0997.You may also fill out the Contact Form on his website, and he will get back to you very quickly.

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