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Welcome to Frank Panaro Photography and Pine Island Event Photographers located in the beautiful Soutwest, Florida in Cape Coral. 10 Minutes from Pine Island. You may enter his website by clicking on the above menu or here at HomePage.  Frank shoots all types of event photography, weddings, modeling photos, headshots, portraits, lifestyle photographs, products, corporate parties, and wall art photography. You may learn more about Frank by visiting his Biography Page.

We offer many packages to fit all budgets, and will be able to provide you with beautiful event photographs that covers all of your event in detail. Frank always arrive’s at the location the day before your event always, to meet with you and do a walk thru. 

Your event photographs need to be taken properly, and with a modern style of shooting. Proper lighting and use of light is very important, so selecting the right event photographer is a must. I am an excellent experienced pro photographer that always guarantees my client’s beautiful pictures. If you are looking for some vibrant, and cutting edge event photographs, great candids, you have found your photographer. My goal to my client is 100% satisfaction always. Never any excuses from Frank Panaro Photography, but total perfection in all his photographs. A true event photographer captures all those moments of your day that cannot be taken over. My clients always communicate their exact expectations with her photographs to me, so we are both on the same page, and that’s all that is needed to get the job done just right. This is what I do best, is listen to my clients, and give them exactly what they want.

I am a master in all types of photography, who know’s how to change and adapt according to any kind of unseen changes and as they come. A photographer who is very experienced like myself, will have back up equipment, along with the patience,experience, and knowledge needed, that is required to create and capture excellent event photographs as they occur. Remember that only a true professional can provide the best experience with your event, so, make sure that you choose such a professional that can handle the stress or pressure, be quick in getting images candidly, and much more, so that you can stay relaxed, and be assured that you will get the best pictures by your photographer. 

Frank’s theory on shooting events correctly is to document the day in a journalistic manner for starters, working with the clients in achieving our set goals for this day. My personality always makes the guests real comfortable, and the results are exactly what we want. Beautiful images to remember your day with after it’s all over. I capture all the details of the event, and do not miss a thing. I just want everybody to have as much fun as possible, and I do my part in photographing the fun. This is what you are getting from Frank Panaro, the best event photographers for Pine Island and Matlacha, at a great price. The Finest Pine Island and Matlacha Event Photographer is just a phone call away at 760-289-0997 in Cape Coral, to speak with him about photographing your event, or go to his website at:

We also offer Instant Printing for wedding receptions, events, birthday parties. So we give your guests beautiful 5×7 color prints in 6×8 black mats, so they leave your event or wedding reception with their photographs. This is a great service available to all our clients. If you want to amaze your guests, this is a perfect addition for your reception.


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