My name is Terri and I am one of the MANY pleased customers of Frank Panaro Photography, and I am more then happy to share our story.
When my husband and I booked our wedding at Couples Swept Away Resort in Negril, Jamaica, we initially decided to reserve the resort photographer. As I began researching other couples’ photos that were taken by the resort photographers, I immediately noticed that every couple had basically the same photos (poses, locations) – and although the photos were ok, they just didn’t appeal to what I truly wanted to capture for our wedding photos.
I decided to go on-line and search for an outside Jamaica Wedding Photographer. The first website I visited was Frank Panaro Photography, and from the moment I hit the home page I was immediately captivated. Something told me that this would be our photographer, and when I began looking at Frank’s slide shows and albums, it was confirmed. Frank’s keen eye for detail in both color and black and white, along with the candid moments (that are priceless in my book), sold me immediately. There was such a great difference in the quality of the work from Franks photographs compared to the resort photographers. I e-mailed Frank at that moment with our information, and within 5-10 minutes, Frank called me on the phone. I couldn’t believe it! That’s just one of the many things about Frank Panaro that you will get – impeccable service at its best.
Our wedding day was “picture perfect”, and I give most of the credit to Frank Panaro. He captured every sentimental, loving, fun, and even silly, moment we had that day – which is exactly what we wanted. Whether you are looking for posed/traditional photos, candid and not-so-typical wedding moments, or both – Frank is your man.
Frank is one of the BEST JAMAICA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER available to shoot your wedding day.

Terri and Ty 

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